Social Media Back Lash

It looks like we started having many people smack down the rights operations, to use meme warfare, once they saw that we were able to influence an election, in 2016, the game was on. It’s nothing new here but the scale, and perhaps that it’s going to backfire, since it’s impossible to keep something this big hidden.

To take into example, look at how much Facebook and all these social media sites do, to stop right winged memes, in the name of political correctness. While banning conservative contents, they always have an excuse as to why it takes them so long, to review and deal with pedophilia when it is on their site. Meanwhile as soon as you put something that isn’t inclusive, it gets taken down right as its reported.

The easiest thing for people to do is report content, and it has been a technique used against the right for quite some time. It has even gotten to the point of people operating in teams to report stuff and sharing content to be reported. They don’t go away after, they usually tend to keep an eye on people, groups, and pages they a reporting content on. In way they are very coordinated and have attacked many people. ANTIFA is known for this, to the point that they help organize these raids. They are like ISIS with United Cyber Caliphate.

What I find fascinating, is how organized trolling has gotten over the years. I honestly think most people don’t take this into account when looking at these raids.

But the goal isn’t to have a discussion with your enemy, but rather destroy them socially. So to look at trolling, we need to realize that it is a cyber battle, rather than a social science. I don’t believe everyone can get along and discuss their problems, especially since we have some people whose main goal is to silence the competition. The right tries to use logic and comedy to get their point across, they use social media to push this. People build up a following, and after a while becomes a big publisher of memes and other content, that suits there right winged ideas. So, what does the left do, so this doesn’t happen. They try to tear them down. They will look for something they call hate speech, only because they don’t like your anti-left point of view. They look for something, that doesn’t follow the rules, of a social media site, and the they hit report. Even if it isn’t intended to be hateful, if they can put a good spin on it, they will. Some will even share the content, so others report it.