The “Fake News” Narrative

It seems that the powers that be are pushing this “fake news” narrative in order to protect themselves from people digging for the truth, by painting non-approved sources with a similar brush as conspiracy theories. Maybe the intention is to ramp up censorship, or simply to smear anybody who isn’t producing content that fits the narrative. Whatever the intention, a fine line is being walked. “Fake news” is an attempt at meme magic on its own, for purposes that surely benefit nobody except politicians and corporate shills. However, their meme magic is weak and might be easily re-purposed. A conscious effort to hijack the “fake news” meme could cause it to backfire spectacularly. This narrative could be turned around and blown up in the face of those who started it. We can steer it towards something that encourages journalists to be more skeptical, to fact check more, to verify the truth and validity of statements that politicians make, to dig deeper and find the truth. Whoever came up with this meme wants to tear down false news, leaving only shill news. We could use it to instead build up truthful news, leaving shill news and false news behind.

What do you think? How might we go about this?

Fake news is a bad (objectively) meme because it cuts both ways. Anyone can now just immediately discredit anything. It reminds me of “nonlinear warfare.”

I know.  They’re idiots.  It’s already happening. Case in point: