Memetic Killing Device

One of the principles required for inducing certain behaviors is repetition. People will need to be repeatedly exposed to a series of memes meant to trigger a particular behavior. One-off memetic effects such as Eichenwald’s seizure are irregular, uncontrollable, and unpredictable. We should keep in mind that we can produce more regular effects by utilizing repetitive methods.From here, there is the matter of understanding behavioral conditioning. Again, currently existing systems are instructive. For instance, the media constantly gaslights people about racial issues which leads people to adopt a nonsensical view because that alleviates the effect of gaslighting. That is, the effect of “feeling crazy” is sublimated by just accepting as a precondition that one really is “crazy,” or in this case “racist.” This is what drives the logic behind dismissing “reverse discrimination,” because reaching the opposite conclusion would require believing that the media is actively hostile to their existence, and that’s just very hard for people to believe.

So the principles of memetics that we might use are already quite developed. We can alter discourse in a regular way.

A technique that I personally use and can attest to the effect is causing cognitive dissonance. A lot of people are triggered by the exosemantics of a meme before they’ve even digested its content. It’s a matter of, in essence, taking a red pill and painting it blue so they’ll swallow it uncritically. The result is cognitive dissonance. In processing this intellectual trauma (trauma potentiates self-construction, this can be used to positive or negative ends cf. a doctor using a scalpel) the individual will be required to either 1) accept the truth of what you’re saying or 2) double down on what they already believe. In the case of (2) this simply makes them more vulnerable to further cognitive dissonance. The more cognitive dissonance builds up the more likely the individual becomes to resolve that cognitive dissonance by changing their mind to some different belief. It may not be in the preferred direction, but in general that change will be useful.

In addition to “negative memetics,” aka weaponized polemics, positive memetics are crucial. These provide something that’s actually different to believe in. If you only destroy someone’s beliefs but don’t provide them something new to believe in, they will tend towards a more fundamentalist approach to their beliefs and completely shut off contact with reality. Providing the positive vision gives an alternative for people to change their minds to that alleviates the cognitive dissonance.

Anyway, those are just a few off-the-cuff considerations. If you’re looking for memetic killing devices, it will likely be a matter of repeated exposure to a set of individual memes. Something in the putting together those pieces would have the desired effect. Which is to say, you can distribute the thought as a whole without incurring self-head blow up because you only interact with the isolated parts. Same way in which someone constructing a bomb doesn’t get themselves blown up, they make sure the final trigger happens when they aren’t present.