Comedy Aiding Philosophy

There is a massive amount of new types of philosophy and ideals coming from the right winged side of society. Our people are playing around with a multitude of ideas that were supposed to be long dead. It’s a cultural revival, an ideological renaissance. The only issue is having a solid foundation to spread the more sophisticated branches of our ideas to people of higher society. Right ideas used to only rely solely on humor to spread.

Ideas are typically only successful because great people created great content for it. People are attracted to the strong, to the victor, and to the movements with the most people. But one of main ways that movements spur is the attraction to the creative people that are a part of it. This is the reason for the importance of aesthetic and symbolism to success. As I mentioned, anonymous imageboards are in many ways the closest we have gotten to a natural meritocracy. Posts and content are judged solely by their content. Not post history, not how many followers a person has, not how many posts they have made, not “karma” or popularity. Only by the quality of the content. So, the most triumphant ideas are those with the most quality memes. The most dedicated intelligent anons. And therefore you must have solid symbiology, clever humor and a philosophical basis.