I’ve desccided to change some stuff about KeksAmry

They left has been using cancel culture for some time. I think we make our own version of it. We have a page where people share dumb stuff, they find the find the left posting, if it’s not personal and something public. We need to follow some privacy policy, for legal purposes, but they do enough dumb material in the public domain. Even if it’s just a CNN article, where it easy to turn into satire, that would work. After the link is shared and imbedded in the post, the OP could makes a short description it they want to. From there people can comment or message about this. There might be people who give laugh reactions to a public post, or another one where people try to red pill people in the comment sections. I know we have this, and we have the chans but I feel like a page or app that is set up directly for something of this nature could be of good use. This system could help demoralize the the left, while also making them loose support from centrist.