Anti-Racism causing more racism, and how to fix it.

Over the past few month, Black Lives Matter protest and other riots over race have erupted. We are seeing an ugly side to all the protest; I mean look how bad Portland and Minneapolis have become over night do to riots. The worse part is you only have the mainstream media talking about how damaging racism is, but under playing the riots. At the same time people are seeing how bad the riots are online. Most people already view racism is bad and look at the violence as something. Also, another thing that started coming out of these riots is something called reverse racism. This is where one group will do something bad to another group and call it racism. Along with this idea of reverse racism assaults have been happening a lot more. Some of these people think they are fight Nazis and white supremist, but the truth is they just keep. Most people won’t even have relationships with people who belong to these groups. This is because left wing propaganda is pushed that the KKK and neo-Nazi groups are still a problem in America.

Most people who are called Nazi or KKK, are just normal good people who happen to be white. You can show some people a picture of a white family and they will look at it as a sign of oppression. Even only a few people in the BLM community do this, it makes the whole BLM movement look bad. Over time this could make the whole BLM movement look bad, while giving support to conservatives and other groups BLM fights against. The left is getting caught pushing hate and violence towards the average person. This can break down their support base on people who are more centrist. Why? Because most people are only liberal because they feel that it is a higher calling, and this isn’t noble or moral superior. It is just a matter of time before people on the center left see how messed up the far left is.

There are some practical things people can do to fight racism, coming from both sides. The first thing people need to stop doing is trying to appease the evils of the left. Then what we need to do is come together in believing that all racism is bad, and that all lives matter. Our talking points should be based in being accepting rather than being against the left. We should point out that we are not Nazis. Instead we should bring up all we did to make the lives of minorities better. Talking about how bad the left is just making the right looks like they are part of the same thing. It’s a fair argument. Will it work? Only time will tell, but it’s better than doing nothing.

Remember acceptance, is more powerful than hate.