College Memes

Schooling and a college are one of the biggest areas people encounter memes, with and with out them even realizing it. This place we encounter memes, and some people have taken advantage of this. Most people don’t realize how much power controlling the school system. Just like people online say, “He who controls the memes, controls the universe” must look at the schooling system the same way.

When people are young, we have a thirst for knowledge. Most of what we base our idea and standers on are ingrained on us in our early years of school. If you ever notice in school districts, that are run by democrats, there is more of a left winged agenda pushed. While schools that are private, maintain a higher degree of quality of knowledge, at their schools.

When we are all leaving high school, most people are pushed toward military of college. I always found this interesting because college has become the most popular option. This is also in part because it is pushed by the mainstream media, to look like something fun and like a time to party. I found this interesting because most student out of high school seem to have no interest into going into the trades. It seems more like people don’t know about them, at this age, or are even pushed away from them. I think the trades are a great choice for many people. They require less time in school and cost less to go to. There are also more jobs and less people to fill them, so the job market is more open. Trade jobs also pay a lot better than people think. But people still go to college mostly because they are told to.

Another thing that happens when they go to college is sometimes, people pick useless majors, like art, philosophy, and gender studies. Even though someone might find these areas of study interesting, the truth is there is no work in any of these fields. This is something almost none of these people are told before they join. Even being lawyer is hard to do unless you know someone who’s well established in the field. Most people when picking majors, aren’t really given much insight, besides “College is Good.” How about all the medical or science majors, who can’t finish the degree, because the material is too tough. But a one-year machine tool tech certificate, basically lands someone a career job after graduating. These are factors that most people don’t look at when they are looking at colleges.

Another thing that happens is people rack up debt. This is because getting a student loan is way to easy, and people think that even though they know they must pay it back after graduation, they might not have a job that pays well enough. After people get into debt, it is hard for them to get out, and it just keeps on compounding. Some people fail out, and still carry the debt with them.

I am not saying school is bad, for some people it could be one of the best choices they can make. For other they are miss guided into making a bad decision, that only haunts them later. Something that everyone who attends school should know, is that college is a large area of ideas. Some ideas are right, and some are wrong. We need to make sure that we are not led by false ideas about college, and schooling in general. It is hard when we are that young and on our own.