Bronys are Nazis

If you don’t know what a brony is, it’s an adult who is into “My Little Pony.” “My Little Pony” is a cartoon series for little kids, but some adults have taken an interest in this show too. They call themselves bronys and their fan base started around 2010, on 4chan. It has just come out, from the Atlantic that bronys might have Nazi problems.

This is interesting to see the two come together, since Nazis are not supposed to be an accepting crowd. When it comes to bronys, they have theme of tolerance and LBGTQP+, not really what the Nazis would be into. It is not uncommon to see some from the LBGTQP+ community use a picture of a character from my little pony as profile picture. Even people who are into bestiality and cross play, are bronys. I really don’t think the Nazis associate with bronys.