When Your Motto Doesn’t Translate Well

It has come to my attention that most people on the left, aren’t really concern with how their mottos translates. If your modo does translate well, it can be easily counteracted.

My favorite is #MeToo. Who ever thought of this, didn’t really think about how the hashtag sign, is also called pound. This turns their saying, #MeToo into “Pound me too.” It’s also funny how the Me-Too movement didn’t want to be treated as sexual objects, yet they wear pussy hats and some even went so far as to dress up like female genitalia.

Another funny thing is black live matter is doing this same thing. They are out in the streets fighting for equality. And some people have started saying the motto “All Live Matters.” Some protesters have called this hate full and even said that this motto (all live matter) is racist and not true. There are some protestor even calling out for white genocide and eugenics. They don’t realize this at first, but there mottos don’t translate to anything tolerant. Look at this picture and read about what Haiti did to other races in 1804.