Mainstream Media Looses

It has come to my attention that on many times, the media will screw them selves over. If you ever follow a news story look at the first few stories that come out, and then look at how these big stories end. This has happened plenty of times, and it makes for good counter arguments online.

Probably the most famous example would be the Jeff Epstein didn’t kill himself meme. On the day of his it was ruled that he committed suicide, yet reports came out making, that made the scene look sketchy. Soon after people were talking about how it was a set up with the “Jeff Epstein didn’t kill himself” memes. It sound came out that this was true.

There is the story of the Russian, where there was no evidence put forward to support this claim. It’s crazy to look back at everyone believing in it, and then what we saw during the muller report. Another notably thing was the story with Stormy Daniels, and then the fact she had to pay Trump back, while her lawyer wasted in jail. What about what happened with impeachment.

There are very few stories, that don’t have details change throughout time after they are initially released.

Look at the amount of people who hear and learn about a story when it is first release, compared to how many people follow it, and watch it die out. It seems like most people only care to hear about the story when it is first release. News reporters can lie and using a tricked called anchoring they can cement a false truth into someone’s head without them knowing. Therefore, in meme warfare, it’s important to get to the story first. This is one of the reasons why television was superior to newspaper, and why the internet is superior to tv, because it faster.

For those of you that don’t know, newspaper, radio, and tv, are mind control devices; that might sound scary, but the it true. Look at project mockingbird. I mean they even have an ex-agent on CNN who was part of that program. You can tell they push an agenda, just by looking at how they cover Trump. They focus on all his negative aspects while, never reporting on any of his successes. Is Trump winning, we never hear about that, only about how he’s messing up. The most important job for mainstream media, is to convince you of what they want you to think. One of their biggest goals, is taking a real-life story, and attaching some message that they want people to believe. It is a big misconception that mind control is a secret technology. Its too easy for someone with enough influence to reconstruct a narrative, to fit an agenda. The mainstream media does this for almost every topic.

This mean if you can expect to see lies, in a most mainstream media news stories, if you spend enough time investigating. This makes for good meme material to counter the argument, because all you must is point out their lies, to ruin their narrative.

Hollywood and the rest of the mainstream media have been part of the meme war, for quite sometimes. They just never said anything about it, but for the first time, normal people are able to jump in thanks to social media, and the use of the internet.