Pokémon Card but for the Left vs Right

Cuckemon. Basically, this is a vector through which one can distill the general “awakens” of ANTIFA and other aspects of the left, through a card game. The structure of the Pokémon card game is perfectly suited for co-option of a political message: each species has typical behavior, as well as associated strengths and weaknesses. For our purposes, the species will be substituted for important groups we’d like to comment on; attacks/behavior will become the commentary itself;  strengths and weaknesses will be substituted for the crucial relationships between parties in the modern geopolitical ecosystem.

The great thing about this is that the graphical nature of display in Pokémon cards allows for much creative room for hilarity: a holographic Trump card, an ancient Bernie card, whatever, it’s the meme practitioners to run with. The goal with this meme is to provide the average consumer with a simple framework to start interpreting events.