Fighting the Orthodoxy

It has been shown over and over, that it is very hard to get people to agree that 2+2=4, if the professors and other authority figures say 2+2=5, and we have been taught to always trust what they say as truthful. One such example I have tested out, and will test out some more, is how blue eyes is an adaption to see better in the arctic winter nights.  I’ll post more proof showing why in the next posts, but the short story is that the atmosphere bends blue light, and that this makes the northern (southern) nights a lot brighter and bluer than the night is closer to the equator. Blue eyes are blue, not because there are blue pigments there, but because keratin reflects blue light like the inside of water droplets, and there are no pigments there to absorb the light. The result of blue light not being absorbed when it has passed the retina, as with brown eyed people, is that it is reflected, and given a second chance at exiting the receptors. Cats and dogs have a reflective layer, giving the light a second chance at exiting the receptor, but the ones that live in the arctic, still have the blue eyes adaption, and so do reindeer, that even change eye-color for the winter. What is fascinating, is how you are met with silence or ridicule, rather than questions for more information, because the meme is that blue eyes have no functional purpose, so the physical differences between blue and brown eyes are irrelevant.

One problem when nobody dares to say anything, is that you don’t know what part they don’t buy. To continue with the blue eyes example, you don’t know if it is the blue arctic winter nights they object to, that blue eyes is an adaptation to exploit this, or if they think humans are special. It could also be so simple, that they have been brought up to worship authority like the Swedes, so that they don’t accept challenges to the orthodoxy, unless a majority of the best and the brightest think the theory true? The Swedish way works wonders when the experts are correct, not only because the correct thing is decided at the top, but also because it hinders false opinions living as a meme among the population. The Swedish way is however a disaster if the experts are wrong, as Sweden today is a living example of, because the only correction mechanism is the scandal, when something goes so horrible wrong, that it impossible for society at large not to notice. Another problem is the areas like with the meme that human eye color is physiological irrelevant, where it’s impossible for something to go horrible wrong. The least controversial premise is that the arctic winter nights have more visible blue light, because the atmosphere bends blue light more than red, and that the arctic is far enough north for this effect to be profound.