Re-branding the Tinfoil Hat

One of my favorite people is Alex Jones. He’s very entertaining, and somewhat of an odd individual. He runs a show called Info Wars. On this show he mainly talks about politics and wild conspiracy theories. his content is band on every major platform, yet people still share his stuff anyway. He was ahead of his time. One thing he did mention was how tin foil hats, would protect us from the deep state’s secret technology, that interfered with our brains. This became such a classis conspiracy theory, futurama and other shows have incorporated tin foil hat memes in their show.

Now, everyone knows that there is no such thing as a bad idea. This company called Lambs did just that. They created a beanie, that keeps out the harmful EMF waves. There not as flashy as the classic tin foil hat, but they are better looking in my opinion. I honestly don’t know if these thing work, or if there is an invisible threat that we don’t know about. Maybe this company has a legit product or maybe they found a way to sell a beanie, for fifty dollars.