ANTIFA and BLM Members are Helping Trump Win Again.

In the past few weeks, a lot has been happening with ANTIFA and BLM. They cause riots, and other problems for people. ANTIFA and BLM have been around for the past few years now, and more and more, both groups are being viewed a terrorist. Even though they are fighting trump and his fascist agenda, they are doing more to help him win the next election, rather than hinder it.

ANTIFA always talks about their use of hard tactics, and black block. Black block is basically where they dress up in all black and cover their faces, like what ISIS does. They do this to hide their identity, even though they think of them selves as heroes. After they cover there faces, they go out and bash the fash. This is basically when they use melee, and other forms of violence, to hurt and harm other people who don’t agree with them. You can be a centrist, and if your ideology does not fit theirs, you are considered a Nazi. Even if you are a Jewish or Non-White Republican, you are considered a Nazi. BLM stands for Black Lives Matter. Not all these people are bad, unlike ANTIFA. But some members of BLM are violent, and racist against other races. One thing both groups have in common is that they both hate Trump.

On May 25, 2020 George Floyd was murder by a cop, who was kneeling on neck, for fraud. It is horrible that the police officer did this, and this story got a lot of attention, a lot more Duncan Lemp. Because a lot of people heard this story, BLM started protesting, which ANTIFA soon joined. At first these protests were peaceful, then they turned to riots, and violence. A lot of innocent people were hurt, not only bodily, but cars, businesses, were destroyed. Also, many public places were vandalized because of these groups.

Worse yet democratic politicians jumped in to help ANTIFA. In the past few weeks, there were more laws to restrict how police, and defund police, while crime in these areas has skyrocketed. There are places where dispatchers can’t take 911 calls for rapes, robberies, and murders. But none of these Democrat politicians introduced anything to help correct the behavior of bad cops, that led to instances like Duncan Lemp and others murdered bad cops.

Another thing that should be noted, is a lot of people who were incarcerated where released, because of COVID. Most of the people who were released were serving light sentences, but there were some more violent people released too. In some blue states people who were infected with COVID, people were sent to nursing homes, were a lot of elderly people, who were more vulnerable, died because of this choice. The Democrats have even introduced more laws, to restrict how people can defend themselves and protecting criminals, while doing nothing practical to stop crime, or bad cops. If you look at a map of where the most crime happens it is usually in areas, that Democrat’s control. They are even driving out businesses and incentivizing illegal activity, in their district, while using insults and name calling, to defend themselves. They act like they are Gods gift, but in reality, the only thing the do is create hell on earth.