ANTIFA People’s Garden Meme in CHAZ

ANTIFA has always been some what of a funny group. They have been cited as hypocritical many times but ANTIFA went above and beyond. After a bunch of BLM protest and riots. On June 5, Mayor Jenny Durkan and SPD Chief Carmen Best announced a 30-day ban on the use of tear gas, this made it possible for ANTIFA to take and occupied 6 square blocks of the Seattle Capital neighborhood. After this, on June 7 ANTIFA managed to force the police from the closest precinct, to abandon their post. On June 8th ANTIFA declared CHAZ, the area around the city’s capital, independent. They set up barricades, and made their own communist police state.

One thing that they did do was start a community garden, called the people garden. I don’t know what to make of this meme. I don’t know if it just a joke to troll, or if ANTIFA’s farming skill isn’t all there. They decided to try and make a garden, with out even digging. The plan was to lay down cardboard on the ground, throw some dirt on it to get it started. At first it look like they just laid out the plants they bought, until the next day when they actually put them in the ground. There is even a video of a homeless man dancing in the garden. They even put up a small chicken wire fence, and a sign.

This is actually becomes a lot more interesting when you look at how the pictures and memes evolved. It’s almost as if the garden is there to have people make fun of. In one photo there is plants in the ground and no fence, but in the video of the homeless guy playing wizard, there’s a fence but no plant in the ground. This makes it harder to see how, and in what order these events where carrier out. They could be using this failing garden to root out trolls and spies, would a leaking pictures just to make fun of. But then again, it’s ANTIFA, they don’t specialize in gardening.