Why I Started This.

I figured I would give a little of the back story of this project

Back in 2016 we had the election, and during that time, 4chan was active. Someone was talking to people about meme warfare and how to use it. Most of 4chan is annoying (not going lie) but there was some interesting about the ideas discussed on there. As soon as you got rid of all the non-scenes, and racism, it was actually a good read.

I’ve spent the past couple of years, being what some would call an internet troll. I’ve followed, how the internet effects the world, and how one little simple thing can have. I’ve even tried using memes in real life to achieve some type of desired result. It was always interesting. One thing I did notice was how there wasn’t anything good written about memes, besides on 4chan, and other chan culture sites. Earlier this year, around march, I had to do this presentation on some sort of technology for school. I chose the topic of memes and social engineering. This was one of my main sources, but it has a lot of good sources too.
I took her sources, and looked at everything in the archive, and cleaned it up. I will admit, some articles on here are more of a copy and pace, and some are more original. For the most part I feel I did a good job editing stuff from a 4chan archive and making academic.

Be careful. The link is NSFW and does contain racist content.https://archive.fo/9LcVC

Just the other day, I got a Patreon started for this site. I’m going to use this site to keep this website going and start other new projects.