A Way to Meme Against Police Brutality

Many people meme, but just recently it was done more effectively. See most people don’t realize that the whole idea behind using memes to manipulate social media, and there for. Just recently a cop killed this man by name of George Floyd. The video of this guy dying went viral. People were even blaming Trump for what happened, and demanding action against police departments.

There were many memes made about this event. The most important thing about these memes were that they got people to do something. There are many times where police kill innocent people, and it’s sad. I personally have nothing against police, but I do notice that not all cops are respectable people, like in this case. On May 25, 2020, a police officer was record kneeling on a man’s neck and killing him. To make matters worse the cop was white, and the criminal was black. This one incident went viral, and everyone was talking about it. Soon there were black lives matter protest, which turned into riots. Soon there where riots and protest across the world. These riots caught the attention of politicians who started talking about defunding the police.

I like to bring this incident up because, this short video of a cop killing someone, was memed around the world to the point of causing some sort of change.