Understanding the Power of Memes

This power of memes isn’t in effective comedy or marketing. It’s in generating ideas and enhancing cultural change. It’s about engineering ideas that create ideas. There is absolutely nothing of that going on here, just incestuous memetic in-breeding.

I’m not here to sell any idea or anything of the sort. I’m here to recommend that if you believe that cultural change is important, and that memetics is important, to pour every ounce of passion for change into it that you can. Spend as much free time as you can afford reading books, researching, and taking notes on anything that relates to the subject.

Memetic engineering starts with yourself. You are, after all, partly a “meme machine.” You must not only hone your skills of selection but develop an expansive ecosystem of ideas from which to select and permutate. This process should be painful, at least at first, as everyone is infected with a whole host of parasitic memes that will fight tooth and nail to retain their grip on your mind.

Do you merely want to play at memetic engineering by posting on chans and making image macros, or are you willing to do the hard, intensive work necessary to make it a reality?