Memes are a Mental Virus

But it isn’t true and isn’t relevant. Memetic engineering isn’t about “spreading the truth,” or how to make an idea popular enough for people to believe. These could be thought of as a psychological virus, but it’s about optimizing the mechanics of cultural change itself. Trying to force a sub-optimal solution will always backfire because it is just a matter of time because memetic antibodies will eventually recognize and reject the attack. If you try to subvert the antibodies to further your agenda, you’re engaging in self-destructive activities of the worst sort; you are literally a meme version of AIDS.

A reminder that symptoms of infections such as the common cold aren’t the result of the virus itself, but the immune system fighting it.

Memetic engineering seeks to strengthen the immune system (epistemology) and enhance the selection and mutation mechanisms of cultural change. It is about ideas about ideas. This should be completely content agnostic to not spoil the process.