Adapting New Techniques for a New Type of War

All you can do is adapt to adaptations for a time until a new strategy adapts to those adaptions. It is truly infinite in complexity because the strategies build off of each other.

Saying that you’ve solved memetics is like saying that you’ve solved evolution – you may well have a fitting broad theory, but the knowledge of the overarching theory does not give you knowledge of how adaptation will occur or even could occur in a given system

At best you can make memetics into a science like economics and your theories can become more refined, but when you’re dealing with a living system that adapts to adaptations you will never be able to rest on any static strategy – the only static things will be necessary truths too broad to be useful.

As soon as the knowledge of whatever insight they have into memetics is itself spread, then the market changes and the strategy no longer apply – you can only front run. For instance, as soon as it becomes known that a certain method of advertising is effective for getting a consumer to buy X, then, the consumer will be inoculated against this strategy in proportion to their mindfulness. Here socialization comes into play as those that still fall for the strategy are deemed slow witted and made all the less likely to fall for the strategy due to stigmatization