Memetic Engineer

Everyone is a “memetic engineer” to some existent, but not equally in talent; there are some that are naturally exceptionally gifted at it. These supernodes can generally be classified into mutators, selectors and reproducers, with an even smaller set that are prodigious in all three. The first step was to identify and study these individuals, which was made possible by the internet. Then came augmentation: testing to see how to make these memetic supernodes even better. The final part was when these supernodes were tapped to apply memetics to memetics in a recursive process that increased the power of the program exponentially. The popularization of the word “meme” on the internet was the result of this, and also served as a siren’s call to attract more innate supernodes. It has also helped to normalize the concept of meme and make it appear harmless and natural rather than something evil and scary.