Converting Bernie Supporters

I’ve noticed an unspoken kinship between Sanders and Trump fans, compared to Trump and Biden fans

Both are anti-establishment, populist, newcomers with rabid fanbases. They both put the people first (in their own way) and are facing establishment adversaries that are completely hated by everyone on every side. I have a feeling we can tip the Sanders crowd toward more pro-Trump views by posing as Sanders supporters and highlighting the similarities between them. Warm them up so if Bernie loses the primary, they’ll vote for Trump in the general election. It won’t even be a huge jump; they just have to see a shift in the consensus.

Emphasize how terrible Biden is, and reluctantly back Trump. Trump’s an asshole, but at least he’s not a hair sniffing opportunist like Biden. Highlight how Trump doesn’t want to start any wars and would rather work with countries to form peace. Mention Biden’s role in the last administration, and how it destroyed America.

Bridge the gap both ways on your real/conservative accounts. Say feel-good kumbayah things like “I’m a Trump supporter, but if Bernie was still in, then I would definitely vote for him. The establishment needs to go.” Liberals love heartwarming “enemies becoming friends” stories and your comments will be easily upvoted.