Tactics for Dealing with Troll Group

Tactics to Derail a Troll Group:

  •  In group fighting (example: HOLY SHIT THEY ARE REMOVING ALL ECELEB THREADS.)
  • Killing operations (example: [current operation] is shit and we shouldn’t do it because it doesn’t do anything.)
  • Killing initiative (example:  We should wait for [something] before we do [something else].)
  • Lumping good guys with enemies.

Tactics to Make a Troll Group Work:

  • Some main operations that need to continue until the movement’s end.
  • Some memes to keep up initiative and interest through shitposting.
  • No regard for negative media (coverage of it, good or bad, is still coverage.  The only good move they can play there is to ignore us, and they will take the bait knowing them.)
  • Have a solid end game.