Winning a War, without Firing a Shot

I’ve been doing research on meme’s and propaganda for a few months now. While it might not be the deadliest form of fighting, it does give one the ability to win a war with out a shot ever being fired. Most people who troll and share memes do so at their own leisure just for some recreational fun. Most people who look at informational warfare view it as a softer form of hacking. Little known to them, the most successful hacker attacks, are ones dealing with stealing information, and passing it on. It’s not hard to see how the right information, false or true, could lead to a demised of someone or some group, even a country.

Let’s look at this COVID crisis. China released a virus, whether intentional or not. This virus is a form of common cold, with a lethality rate less than the seasonal flu, yet it devastated the world. The only reason this virus was so damaging was because the big push it got by the media. The media was able to exploit a story, and the whole world was shut down. People are on lock down, loosing jobs, starving, and the economy is going to down the drain. The suicide rate is higher due to the depressing effects of quarantine. Governors are implementing oppressive laws on their citizens, while releasing criminals from jail. Even online extremism is rising due to this quarantine. It’s scary to think that something, as small as a cold, could have such an impact. The reason behind this is the exposure, it gets in the media. This would not be possible under normal circumstances, but now they can. How?

Most news stories are successful when they are full of chaos and fear. That’s what they got with this COVID story.  It seems like you can’t go any where near media with out hearing about it. Nurses are making tiktok videos, while complaining about how busy, they become. Celebrities are talking about their own quarantine time. Bill Gates is running his mouth about his vaccines, yet his vaccines have harmed more children in the third world countries, than he’s willing to admit. Funny part is that when most of these people think the cameras aren’t rolling, they’re breaking their own rules.

I bring this up because it shows how far a little disinformation can go.