Freedom of Speech

There are some people trying to get rid of freedom of speech. I know one of the biggest problems the left say with freedom of speech is racism and calls to actions. Even if these might be viewed as a problem by some, it’s not hard to see how giving up the first and second amendment for these small reasons, could lead to disaster. Only an idiot would trust the government with this much power. Even if you look at the mainstream media there are so many lies, along with tech censorship. The mainstream media try hard to convince people of lies all the time. If the truth and freedom of speech are not closely guarded, the all these mainstream media lie can have a grave impact on society.

It seems like a lot of politicians don’t see a problem with violating these two sets of rights. They might say they have good intentions, but most of the districts and region these politicians are from, have a high crime rate, poverty, and are usually very corrupt. Imagine how horrible it would be if every place in the US was like California, New York, or Detroit. It might not start right away, but nothing says if you don’t give these politicians enough time, these poor conditions can’t be everywhere. The first and second amendment protects a lot more than people know.

A lot of people think the second amendment is just about hunting, and sport. I will say this sport is what most people currently use their firearms for. If we didn’t have firearms, we would have mass censorship and media lying, without anyway to fight back. After that we would get told what to think, and what to do. The worse part is people are stupid enough to follow and do what they need to do. It doesn’t even matter if they are being betrayed.