What am I fighting for?

I’ve been studying propaganda, psychology, and graphic design, for the past few months. I’m looking for something to throw my lot in with, and I want to know if this is something good to get behind. So, what am I fighting for?

I believe in the cause of life and beauty. Beauty being that which makes existence preferable to non-existence and life being the predicate (so far as we can know) for all experience. My politics are formed in relation to this end. I believe that race is a series of overlapping bell-curves across a variety of metrics – that races have unique characteristics and that these cannot be safely ignored. I believe that the current philosophy guiding the west is self-destructive and places an emphasis on abstraction over and above life itself – especially as regards the insistence on equality above effectiveness. As for my economics, the Austrian school is correct. I side with the libertarians on the majority of economic issues due to the problems posed by Regulatory Capture, Public Choice Theory in relation to a lack of incentive by government institutions to reduce inputs and increase quality, and the Local Knowledge Problem. I believe that if we do not change this narrative that Western civilization will collapse, and humanity will die on this planet having never reached the stars.

Do you think we need to restrain or expand individual expressions and liberties to reach this ideal?

It depends.

History has shown that totalitarian governance cannot be trusted, because it is only as moral as the men who run it. Such men usually being the most ruthless and amoral as they fight to seize power. A government can only flourish in a democratic society (not referring to political party) when the people are homogenous, if there are multiple competing interests for control of government then either the government will switch hands constantly leading to ineffectiveness and inefficiency as no consistent plan is followed through, or one faction dominates the political arena ostracizing the other and fomenting resentment and rebellion. On the other hand, for places like America, the best government would be what we had after the first revolutionary war, very much along the lines of what it was originally intended to be. In this way people are free to group up with one another to form the communities and business they see fit. We may have multiple ethnicities in groups working alongside one another without conflict, as they are not forced by government to conform to one another’s view of how society should be structured. Drug use, homosexuality and most degeneracy in general are self-solving problems, that only pose a threat because they are being subsidized by the state. This is solved either by removing the welfare state(since a lot of this money, is used more as a crutch), or by organizing it along ideals to promote the health and growth of the people without regard to “equality” or “social justice”

I’m sort of a rebel without a cause here. There’s just so much of today’s culture that I’m opposed to, that I’m finding myself becoming a bigger keyboard warrior. I stand against the outrage culture, the lynch mobs and prevailing desire to censor for our protection. While I’m not particularly /pol/, I’m disgusted with how the Left is running the world based on sentimentality, willfully blind to the damage it’s doing to its country and native peoples. Mostly, this is regarding the current immigration crisis in Europe, and Germany’s constant strong arming of the other EU member states. I guess when it comes down to it, I’m just disillusioned with the world. Nothing is as it was, or as it was promised, or as it ought to be. All the worst parts of the cyberpunk vision are coming true. The world is falling into the hands of globalists, corporations, and irrational lunatics. I’m fighting because I really don’t know what else to do. It’s revolt or accept.