Making Memes Like a Professional Marketer

Ads/TV Commercial use methods to attract the mass with the most efficient way of spreading the message. These methods aren’t just some product or service being advertised on a piece of paper or on television. It follows a rule that is highly effective psychologically. First off, composition, in case you’re in one of those troll groups and you decide to create some meme or anything for that matter, make sure you find the means of normalizing your message so it can blend in with the normal people, and at the same time, apply the appropriate composition, meaning that you have your design professionally placed in the appropriate position of the poster, (rule of third compos, etc.) and of course, updating your aesthetics to today’s modern design. (I would recommend that any group that decides not to do one of those weird binary codes and anything cryptic. That shit will never work. You will probably attract 2 or 3 people every 5 years. Most professionals nowadays utilize something called a “Flat Design” because it panders to casual viewers and the normal people. Its Flat and Simple. Simplistic is key for those that are too stupid to look at a complex message. Remember, you’re dealing with fucking idiots in your daily basis. If you want those mass of dumb shits to follow your message, you must make it fast, simple and efficient. Create a Brand that people will follow and try to defend it. With the resources that I’ll be sharing, it’ll be enough to counter the trolls and shills.

Page Lay Out

Most of the emblem/logo are centralized in your work; meaning that they are constantly being represented as the main focus, but what were you trying to spread, the logo or the message? Though that does most of the work, people are up to date with the rule of third aesthetics. That is usually applied in most photography works but the main focus should mostly consist in the rules that you are applying.

If you’re going to draw something, you need to focus on the key elements of illustration, because illustrating focuses entirely on what message you’re trying to express via the drawing you’re trying to compose. As for techniques, that’s entirely different. You’d have to look up some tutorials on how to with… well drawing in general. In order to get good with the drawing/marketing blend you’ll have to apply the values of illustration.

Marketing a Point

1. Acquire Composition Knowledge. Know where certain elements in your work belongs in your poster/pamphlet/ads etc.

2. Acquire the trend that corporations are currently using, mostly in design/aesthetics.

3.Try to “Normalize” your message so you can blend in with the normal crowd without being called out as a weirdo.

4.Try to look appealing as possible to those you want to spread the message. The viewer should expect to feel “safe” around your message. Meaning you live up to the same style and level of quality as other propaganda.

5. Artist tends to also apply something that works in the psychological mind of the mass, although it requires a moderate amount of study for you to get good. It’s called “Semiotics” if you know how Semiotic works and how the structural though is applied here, then you can disregard this step, but I highly recommend that you also focus on semiotic values.

Colors Choice

Most color pallets for the typography are usually always bias towards the color white. You can still influence any RGB/CMYK type but if it constantly stays with the color white. If you’re working with a dark background. This pallet should be put into consideration as you want a contrast for the reader to acknowledge your content. It makes it easier for him to access the content as well, so contrast is key. If your background is white however, you can freely stick around with an excessive RGB/CMYK without the need to have a white bias color. As for the typography type, see what most marketers use for design, and of course analyze and see if the marketer’s typography fits well with the theme of your content. Most marketers use Helvetica, Arial and Times New Roman, but there are more than just those three.

The deal here is that it applies basic semiotics. Assuming people treat the color “Red” as “Evil” which can be used to highlight a point you’re trying to make. Keyword would be “Evil” which you can always paint it as red so people can identify a form of hostility and then paint “Good” as blue (which is strange at first) but people identify the color as a way to guide ones reputation. Red is often seen as bad or evil. Blue is often seen as positive or good. Grey is often neutral statement same goes to some other colors. Yellow relates to a warning or something hazardous/caution. There are more colors in question that you could use. They don’t always regard to what I said above it really depends on the subject you’re discussing. but overall knowledgeable. Basic color communication is Semiotically used to shit on people, and it works so perfectly well.

Pushing Content

There are vast means to promoting a message aside from posters/pamphlets and other things of the sort but that would require money and dedication. You need to build a campaign and have supporters to fund it. Just look at Soros groups. How or why are they uprising with such efficiency? Because they have support and of course because they have money to back them up, but aside from that if you look at the patterns, they use to promote a message. It’s very well done and has the qualifications of reaching the mass quite easily. Go to a local bus company and see if they allow/offer you a platform to advertise on one of the buses back window. You can also do this on cab companies as well. Find a website that allows rental for billboards, anyone can place their message there for the right price.

Create small campaigns that tries to be clever and share it. Have a small crew and start doing those psyops on people on the streets or online, kind of like what the Democrats do when they try to be clever with those weird moral and feeling base question. Forcing people to accept their point of view as correct. Try to do something similar but paint your ideals on top of that. What is trendy today is being the victim, so if you play your cards correctly you can probably create a promotion based off of pity. Be organized, don’t just randomly spam messages Try to make your message centralized onto one thing. One message leads to one organization. The organization would be up for you guys to create, essentially just a group of people that knows the truth, so lead people onto that path but first they need to be familiarized with the messages you are spreading.