Anime Chicks Politicians

Kim Jong-Un apparently passed away recently. After that, his sister apparently, Kim Yo-Jong started taking over. She was film running late a meeting, after her brother’s apparent death.  Not only that she was running late, she was carrying a piece of bread in her mouth, a putting on her shoes as she was heading to the meeting. This made for a great meme. It is an interesting meme when you notice the fact at how dark and scary North Korea is. Not much is none about them, besides the fact that it is horrible there. They were one of the most feared a ruthless, when it comes to how they treat people. And now, this anime girl, is what is used to describe someone who could be running this horrible place. There have been many memes used to describe her, and in many different lights.

Something interesting to note with North Korea, is their history when it comes to having first ladies. Kim Jong-Un was the first leader of North Korea, to show off his wife, Ri Sol-Ju, on a regular basis. The leaders before him very rarely showed off their wives. Even though Kim Jong-Un is known to get around, he still acts loyal. She was a propaganda piece in a way.
Yeah, a Russian news network published this pictured, to talk about a sanction on Japan.

Another interesting thing to note is Natalia Poklonskaya. She was born in Ukraine but is a Russian Politician. She is also young and beautiful. I do not understand those people, but apparently there’s a war between Russia and Ukraine. In this sense she might make for a good meme.  There have been pictures even comparing the two Anime politicians.