This has to be one of the best apps, I’ve ever used. The reason I like this app is because it’s help people with similar interest connect, from all around the world. It’s simple, yet there are many things you can do with it. Everything from simple chatting and voice calls, to file sharing.

Discord was released in May of 2015. It was a VOIP with a text feature. When this app was originally produced, it was mainly aimed at the gamer community. Around the time of the release the app was pushes on Reddit only. This was because they founder of discord, found out that many reddit users, also used IRC. It has been a great way for people, with varying interest to connect.


When you sign up for discord, you need to join something called a server. This is basically the name of a chat room. A lot or servers have a dedicated topic, whether it’s a unique interest, a company, or just a group of people who share a similar interest. When you want to find a server, you can search, them up, or join partner server (when you find one that has servers it partnered up with.) Sometimes you can ask people for an invite to a sever. The easiest way is to go to a website that allows people to advertise, and search up severs. They also have discord servers, that do the same thing. When you use these services, you can search any topic or field.

Clear net:





Anyway, after you join a server. You may need to go through some type of verification process. This may be set up in many different ways. One thing, that makes discord interesting is the use of bots. These are also used to verify people. These bots can also track people. If your going to use discord, make sure you use a nick name, and fake photo.