Goal Proposal: Applied Meme Sciences to Help with Personal Development

Goals Proposals: Applied Meme Sciences to Help with Personal Development

Seeing how bad the world has become is important, many are not even the slightest bit aware. However, fawning over it makes you no better than people who show up at fires and disasters for a rush. Being apathetic to the downfall of our society also puts you on the level of most general losers.

As for goals, I have several in mind.

We need to work collectively to a create a sort of memetic “doctrine” or “protocols” that anyone can use and modify (I’ll elaborate more in a bit). Work to compile books, vidya, anime, movies, shows, ect. Whatever media that is not just of quality but also healthy. (think of it like creating options for a healthy “meme diet” I will also elaborate more on this.) A general resource library would be a fantastic tool.

Something that can teach how to anonymize yourself online, give you library of information to be more physically healthy and strong, have access to better entertainment free of propaganda, and so on. Essentially a catalogue for spoon feeding people on topics many people struggle with. Many people struggle with addition, physical health issues, education issues, and so on, but these are generally kept separate to whatever meme about. The idea is to make them all connected, so you can learn how to be healthy. We need to practice what we preach. Lots of people who struggle don’t have many examples of other people turning their lives around. This is just a sad fact when it comes to self-improvement in a chan atmosphere. Not exactly someone to aspire too. So in this way, document our own personal success, and then get other people to share their stories. That way we show that these ideas work and help people recovering and moving forward feel like they aren’t alone. I’ll elaborate more on the meme doctrine and diet in my next posts. Feel free to chime in your thoughts.