Dank Meme: Non-White Republican

There are many stereo types associated with being a republican. There is this idea, that all republicans are straight, white, Christian males, who are also racist. While there are some racist white males who are republican, there are also racist white males in the democrat party too. This type of person was constantly referred to as “Bigot,” and this term became famous during the 2016 election. The term bigot was only referred to the republican side of the political spectrum, even though they are just not, if not more diverse than the democrats. One thing that help the growth of this term, was how much it was pushed, by professional politicians. This was a label, that became more than just name calling. It seems like overnight, anyone who supported the republican party, was lump in with the KKK and neo-nazis. The messed-up part was people where actually believing this. People lost jobs, and relationships where destroyed, because of this connotation.

The table started turning when people in the black community started to endorse republicans. Not only did blacks started coming out supporting republican, but also all other minority groups. This would become one of the biggest discrediting factors in the years to come.