Burning Flags Memes: Two Very Different Types

When people want to this, it is mainly out of disrespect for who that flag represents. Sometimes it is against a country, sometimes it is against a belief. Anyway, how ever you look at it, it is a meme of some sort. In this post I want to look at two different versions of this meme: ANTIFA burning American flags and neo-nazi burning rainbow flags.

ANTIFA burning American Flags

I personally view this as disrespectful, but I still cannot say anything against free speech. The did this a lot during there protest in the late 2000’s. Very few arrests, took place because of it. They claimed that it was part of their freedom of speech. Another reason there were few arrests was because they were wearing “black block” which is basically slang, for them covering up their face. 


Neo-Nazi Burning Gay Pride Flags

Burning gay pride flags, is a lot more of a rare occurrence. When it happens it is usually met with more discrace than burning an American flag, in some parts. This one man got 15 years in prison, just for burning a gay pride flag.

A 15-Year Sentence for Burning a Stolen Gay Pride Flag Is Not Justice

I’m not saying one is worse, than the other. One is about disrespecting a country, the other is about disrespecting a social movement. They are both wrong, in their own sense, but are covered under freedom of speech, when applicable. It is however interesting to note the different reaction between the two.