Taking Back the Skate Parks

Ever since this COVID outbreak began, the states have been shutting down public places. Yet even though public places shut down, people still enjoyed them. People still went to parks and other places to enjoy their time off. One of these places that people still enjoyed, where skate parks. On April 16-17 they where filled with sand, because people still went to them. A couple days later, people brough out dirt bikes to these sands filled skating parks.


Anyone who has ever been part of the skater scene, knows that there is a punk aspect to the skating culture. There is this notion of “sticking it to the man” and this couldn’t of been a better real life example of this. The governor closed the skate parks, and they still went to them. Some of them cleaned out the sand, so they could skate board. Now when they make them impossible to use for a skateboard, they bring something that is better. Talk about being punk.