Long Lasting Meme from The American Civil War

Back in the 1860’s America started having a civil war, between the North and South, yet a meme was started, that would last more than a hundred fifty years. This is the meme of the “South Rising Again.” This meme you don’t always hear, but when ever you go to some more rural parts of the south, some people say this. It’s a catch phrase, but it is rooted in something historic.


In 1861 the Democrats and Republicans, where divided, between the issue of states rights, and slavery. The Republicans where against slavery, and wanted more federal control, and the Democrats wanted the states to have more power and the ability to keep slavery. The North was form into the Union, lead the Republicans, and the Democrats in the South started the Confederacy. This war ended in 1865. There was always a belief that the South could rearm and take the North again. This rumor has been going on since the end of the American Civil War. Still it’s just a simple idea, that stuck.