On Enemies in Memetic Warfare: Specifically Telecomix

There was a thread listing telecomix as a part of this war and it’s not 100% wrong. They are a part of this… They are our enemy. They seek to subvert memetics in the same way they did Anonymous in 2012. In mid-2012 Telecomix and Anon had a war of sorts. The result? Anon lost. Telecomix conquered them and co-opted them. The opening salvoes of the war happened I suspect around Occupy. Our first and greatest chance to challenge the culture of usury. Telecomix is a Sweden originated SJW construct of cells operating internationally. After reading their manifesto it becomes abundantly clear they are hipster SJW newspeakers See:


They will need to be dismantled somehow to prevent their disruption or subversion of our memetic war. They are an interesting group who use esoteric imagery not for any kind of otherworldly effects but simply to create an air of mystery to draw in edgy loosers. Their construction is labyrinthine designed not to delete data but to control its flow which is the essence of “Datalove” to create context. The result is a difficulty in dissecting them as an entity and an ability to fight amorphous groups whenever they form trusted circles for “out-there” information much like how they infiltrated anon. They are pro-left, pro-feminist and are tied with things such as the pirate bay which gives them a network as able as most intelligence agencies… because they probably are one. After the initial June 2012 open hostility was the point at which anonymous truly died. The veritable end of days for anonymous online shenanigans. At that point we had reached the big leagues… and the groups involved on “our side” blew it. Suffering crippling defeat, the disparate cells either going underground or joining Telecomix in their attack on the Syrian government. I mean what bigger enemy can we have than a European-based, left-funded cyber-intelligence agency of neon-haired hipsters?

I theorize that Telecomix took exemption to some of anonymous’ activities since they have been quoted as saying “There’s an ideological divide,” he shrugs. “We don’t really like the culture.”, they view us as simply too chaotic for their tastes, since Anonymous had been around for some time by 2012 and indeed Telecomix was founded in 2009 (which at this point seems a central year to the dissolution of social morality) with that ideological divide in place and the way the SJWs that comprise Telecomix engaged in occupy (they made the whole thing into a joke.)

With that in mind the occupy wall street movement which began with the hopes of removing the usurious global banking cartel, was always going to be their enemy, and what is the best way to make a social movement die? Mock it. Same for conspiracy theories. At that time SJWs were still not entirely taken seriously, so to present their tumblr crafted ideals all over a movement that was seriously about destroying the merchant power? That was the final death knell for occupy and it faded into a joke movement with SJW hipster twats, a few burned out Californian hippies, and the odd edgy anonymous try hard.

As for how we go about fighting them subversion via specifically engineered viral memetics might be of use, that is purposing a group or individual or meme to destroy the inner workings of the group.

Also… the kind of trippy language they use on that homepage made me think they were using the root word “communicate” and making the word “communism” into a different concept from anything like economic communism. Am I nuts? It’s like they hope people see the word and stop reading and never come back, while some inside joke whooshes over their head.