Emotions and Lies: How the Right and Left Use them Both

Let’s develop the idea of the meme a bit further, obviously aimed at the utilization of them. Bear with me, this might get incredibly autistic. The key to a viral meme is the emotion it carries by attaching the meme to an emotion we make it digestible for the human brain. Different emotions have different levels of penetration. The key to the most successful memes are anger, awe and anxiety. Sadness is counterproductive.

An incredibly successful meme is the so called “rape culture”. The meme of “rape culture”, as most historical leftist memes, is incredibly good in provoking anger in both groups.

It get even more complicated.

If we want to create a fight like it’s happening right now, we should define what this fight should ultimately cause. “Rape culture”, even though the fight might look like something honnorable, it did a lot of damage to people. This damage is was the actual goal. I realize this sounds absolutely disgusting, but it is actually how the left operates: divide and conquer on a social level. It’s really alienating to the right mind, but that might be the reason why people were moving to the left, a few years ago. What should we damage? Leftism in general? Also share your general thoughts please, it would be nice to know someone has actually read it.

The thing is, we don’t have to be limited to a single approach, it’s not like we have x number of main battle tanks that can only be allocated to certain fronts – we can attack on all fronts. Memes help boost our own morale and helps to red-pill even while what you propose sows discord within the ranks of the enemy.

Maybe it could be viable to combine both? Applying a “hidden” message to the macros, maybe through suggestive sentence structure (gateway drug) or even blatantly. Basically, subversive memes aimed at changing the discourse, as in the long run we want to control and not follow it.

I’d like to point out what makes image board memes so pervasive is that they do not contain hidden lies or information. The way our memes work, is like a system of hieroglyphics. Our memes are sandblasted down to single concepts and emotions, and as such have very clear universal meaning. A natural memetic response to our current global cultural climate, were words lose their meaning and form and can take on dozens of interpretations. The word “fuck” is a good example, vague and disgusting language that eats up space in your vocabulary and replaces a ton of everyday dialog. Groups aiming to control and manipulate already have the game rigged, and counter manipulation will be sabotaged and subverted to their ends. What you need is not to lie or coerce, but shove into the faces of the masses the truth. Good propaganda does not need to lie and does not need a system to reinforce itself because it is true. The very fact we have a system that snuffs out and covers the truth only empowers it more. For when you discover a taboo truth, they want hidden it becomes painfully clear how true it is. So, in our case, don’t give them anything to subvert. Don’t building anything. Any symbols, ideology, movement, groups names, ect. will be shammed and subverted like gamergate. Trolling groups work best without these things, a loose form of individual piranha that form a mob and then disperse leaving no central target. This is of course, leftist subversion turned against itself, the way they attacked in the past was by providing nothing for you to strike back against and allowing new age ideology from academics to brainwash.

However, academics has taken a backseat to the internet, which is a familiar domain to other groups, so the tables have turned. The free flow of information sides with the troll groups, and the truth. This means all that needs to be done is tear down, attack, subvert and provide nothing because the internet shall give the needed answers. Don’t leave anything for them to attack, and never stop the offensive. Pointing out the insanity of mattress girl, and “transracialism” is the best place to start.

In order to fight this concept, you must use the language the concept is in. The greatest failing, I see in /pol/ related pills is that it is always cut with the same lexicon. ‘Degenerate,’ ‘cuck’, any number of unnecessary slurs, ‘zion’, ‘pill’ itself and all that hardcore racism. Where the image or info would stand on its own, they slip in their telltales. This is instantly recognized by anti-/pol/acks and filtered as nonsense. Whatever is made to counter must appear to come from within their own ranks or else it will be rejected as foreign material. The best meme would be one made from the base of the ideology itself. Perhaps the idea set that gender is a social construct has some chink in it.

There was a Tumblr image shared a while ago where SJWs deconstructed homosexuality to construe it as sexism against women for gays to not have sex with girls. I don’t think it would be very difficult to turn critical theory on itself by, for instance, attacking trannies as appropriating female culture and identity – or to turn black SJWs against white SJWs by using the same racial tensions that ZOG uses against us – where this has happened, the white leadership cedes power to minority leftists who tend to be more radical and even less coherent thus hampering their effectiveness.