Boosting Contents using ‘Loaded’ Key Words

Everyone who got involved with internet marketing knows about search engine optimization. This is basically the study and improvement on how easily searchable your website is through a search engine like Duckduckgo, or Google. This involve making sure you use the right key words and traffic. Also there’s another field called Social Media Marketing. This is basically the same thing, but on social media. In both fields, people also use paid advertising, but that gets expensive after a while. There are two platforms I push content on, Discord and Facebook. There are some key words that will get your content boosted to the top, with in some restraint.


Discord is a voice and chat app. It also allows for a lot of other more functions in it. People also use bots and upload functions on Discord too. Discord is a great app. One thing to note is people can tag and ping other people on the app. This sends the person a notification, that someone wants to talk to them. You can also use functions like @here and @everyone. These two functions tag and pings a large amount of people, depending on the size and security settings of the server. @here will only tag and ping people who are active at that    moment. @everyone will tag everyone who is involved with the server or channel. There are ways an admin can adjust the security on a server or channel, to make it so this function doesn’t work.


Facebook is the largest social media platform online. Facebook is a lot more well known, and a lot more people are on it. If you ever want to push your comment to the top of a Facebook comment section, add the word congrats or congratulations. These not only push your content to the top of the comments, they also leave a word highlighted word, and if someone opens the comment in the right way it does this weird thing with virtual balloons and confetti. When ever you use this, it is important to make it look like you typed, the key word in normally, and to not make it look scammy.