Memes to come of the Pandemic

Everyone who is alive at this moment in times knows that there is a pandemic. How serious or non-serious this pandemic is, is up for debate. Most people live in fear. Having state leaders come one the air and doing a press brief is a normal occurrence; more some than other. A lot of people have had their lives ruin because of new regulations put in place. Businesses are forced to close, and most people have been on lock down inside their own homes, with threats of being fined or even arrested. There was even a shortage on certain paper products for a while. The interesting thing to note is that even though people have been dying from this virus, there have been other pandemics in recent history that have killed more people. I’m not saying we shouldn’t take this pandemic, or any other illness serious, but it is very possible we are overreacting.

Even with gun violence, a lot of politicians run on this platform. These politician campaign on promises of signing gun controls laws. The funny thing is gun death are not as high as most people think. There might be a big story in the news about a shooting, but that doesn’t relate to how likely you are to be a victim of gun violence. The only problem is when people look at the actual statistic. Because of this one political argument, with some false statics, a politician can ruin their career.

Everyone in the world is still under quarantine. No one know how bad, or how insignificant this virus is. It did cause a lot of damage to peoples lives. If it turns out that this was blown out of proportion, many politicians will face uncertainty in up coming elections. Especially with the amount of damage these new regulations could of caused. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.