Environmental Change and Control of Masses.

Everyone knows of Gretta and her great plan to save the world from global warming. Her and Alexandria Occasio Cortez have a plan to drastically change the economy, to combat this environmental change. Many children and less educated people are worried about this and are hopping on their ideas about how to change the economy to drastically lower their standard of living to fix this problem. Some of these changes involve:

Getting rid of affordable fossil fuel by 100%, this would mean replacing most motor vehicles, a lot of building heating units, and reinventing naval and air travel. This would in the end the personal ownership of cars. They also mention how they don’t want nuclear energy. They want to gut and rebuild every building in America. They demand communism, but with a vegan diet.

This is not the first time a false fear, has came out of “mother nature” and people capitalized on it.  Back in the 70’s there was a fear of a new ice age. Later on, in the 70’s there was the gas shortage. This produced a fear, that lead to the government being able to place taxes, raise prices, and even control who and when people filled up.

After that, in the 80’s, it was CFCs, a chemical that was used in aerosol cans. It was believed that these chemicals, where eating away at a level of the atmosphere called the ozone layer. Satellite images started being published showing a hole growing in the atmosphere. There where more laws passed, and believe it or not, the ozone layer started to heal.

Then it was the fear of acid rain, that got pushed. This was easy to push, because people could test the pH of the rain, and it did turn up to be slightly acidic. Distilled water has a pH of 7, which is a perfect balance. It is interesting to note, the human body, doesn’t necessarily need a perfect 7pH water. If you go in a pool the water in slight acidic, if the water is maintained properly. Eye drops are slightly acidic too.  Water with a perfect pH of 7 is too alkaline, and cause a slight irritation, if it get’s in your eye for a long period of time. Yet acid rain was also pushed to spread fear in the public.

In the 2000’s there was yet again another fuel shortage. This led to the price of gas and oil going up. It also gave the government a reason to raise taxes yet again. Then in the twenty teens, global warming became another climate crisis that was pushed. This led to government having an excuse to take more control and taxes. It was because of this, something called the “Paris Climate Accord” was signed. The “Paris Climate Accord” was nothing but a plan to raise taxes on products that produced carbon. These taxes where so bad they where one of the causes of the Yellow Vest Protest. When America bailed out of this tax plan, they sent us Gretta. She was a special kid, who wanted to change the world, to fight climate change. She sailed a boat, made of petroleum based materials, to avoid making a carbon footprint, instead of flying on a jet. She gave speeches and made a big scene to push this agenda.

I’m not saying that climate change doesn’t exist. The climate on the earth has changed a lot, not only since the prehistoric era, But the idea of the climate changes, really help influence people opinions on policies the government pushes. A lot of these climate crises are sometimes proven to be wrong, yet they are still used to push policies, that remain in effect after the crisis is proven to be a lie.