Employment and Memes

Whether we like it or not, memes can play a role in out real lives, especially when it comes to employment. ANTIFA uses this a lot, and there are many other, lesser known ways a meme could effect someone’s employment. ANITFA is basically ISIS in America, but with out the balls or resources, to do anything on the scale that ISIS can, but they both know how to meme. Besides being annoying, assaulting people, and destroying private property, thy know how to use the internet well. They know how to DOX people.

How DOX is they go out or go online and find someone they view as a nazi. These nazis are basically people who don’t agree with their communist way of thinking. ANTIFA will then try to find out the persons identification. They then find out where they work, and tell the employer that they are nazi, whether they are an actual neo nazi or just a Trump supporter. This will intern get the employee fired.

Another thing someone can do is push an employee to their limits, by being mentally abusive. This is called gas lighting. If they can do this sly enough, and quiet enough no one will no what is going on. After that the employee might break down, this break down could lead, to the employees work suffering, further impeding their career.

I didn’t write this article to tell someone how to screw some one at work but just consider, how just a small idea, can have a large impact on someone’s life. Imagine something simple as a rumor, eventually putting someone out on the streets.