The story of 4chan, Anonymous, the 2016 election, and Qanon.

It all started in 2003. A new website called At first it was just a forum, that’s people would post stupid stuff on. Now, it seems not a week goes by, where you here about 4chan in the news. This website, over the course of a dozen years, became one of the biggest political factors in a presidential election. What started out as a collection of nerds, turned into one of the biggest hacker groups, then changed again to one of the most powerful campaign tools. It’s bazar to think that one website, became so powerful.

There have always been people in this world, with weird ideas and beliefs, who were afraid to share them with the public. One feature that 4chan had was something called Anonymous mode. This lead to the creation of the internet meme as we know it today; images with words or gif. One of the most infamous pages was /pol/ which was all about political incorrectness. There were also other pages with furries and weird anima stuff. Even though this does seem chaotic, 4chan did have it’s own sense of values. Rule number one was the same first rule as fight club: “Don’t talk about fight club.” Or 4chan. Freedom of speech was a large value on this platform too. Another value was practical jokes, which turned into raiding and operations. This could be seen when 4chan went after scientology, during Operation Chanology. It was a cold February when this operation broke out of the internet and into the real world. A large crowd of people gathered outside of scientology churches, in Guy Fawkes mask, and started protesting the Church of Scientology. Scientologist did not know what to make of it at first, but they got meaner. Soon they’re where arrest and public announcements made. For the next year, there was nothing but dox and ddos attacks, done. This led this community to feel stronger and more united. What started as a joke, turn into one of the biggest protest movement. The little-known forum, 4chan, broke out of the internet, and into the world.

Anonymous was formed, out of a joke. After this successful protest, people on the internet thought it was their turn to save the world.  Anonymous like Julian Assange, to the point where they attacked Paypal and other companies because they froze his accounts. Another famous protest they pulled off was Occupy Wall Street in 2011(little known fact, this is when anonymous started being infiltrated by Soro’s group.) Even though they were being infiltrated, a lot of far right, and far left, political ideologies where growing out of the Anonymous movement during these protests. This also led to the creation of a TV series called “Mr Robot.” Anonymous channels started popping up on different platforms, and people in Guy Fawkes was seen making YouTube videos, and exposing corruption. IRC and paste bins where the biggest change in platforms, that changed how the group communicated making them more efficient. Different subgroups started growing out of the Anonymous movement. Not only did people talk about pranks, hacking, and politics, but there was also a culture of helping each other out with real life advise.

In 2015 Anonymous was going to take their influence to a whole new level. They were going to try to influence the 2016 election. In mid-May someone started posting about how using internet memes could influence a large mass of people. These conversations went on until, July 2016, when they got more organized. They started making paste bins which contained instruction on how to do meme warfare operation against the left. During the last few month there where more memes, and more insults in politics than ever before. Not a day went by where the general public wasn’t hearing about some drama between pussy grabbing Trump, and murderous Hillary. In November 2016, one of the most awkward elections took place, and Trump one. It was said Russian hacker where the ones who did this, but everyone knows that was a lie.

ANTIFA grew out of the left-wing faction of Anonymous. They were soros backed and had plenty of money. ANITFA also made plans to have a communist revolution, on November 4, 2017. They had plenty of paid advertisement, even to the point of taking out an ad in the New York Times.

Yet another famous anon came to the front, 8chan, on October 28, 2017. Qanon led to the Pizzagate conspiracy theory, which was proven by the arrest of Jeff Epstein, on July 5, 2019. It was on August 10 Jeff Epstein was found dead. The media said he committed suicide. Many people on the internet new this was another fake news lie. Soon “Jeff Epstein didn’t kill himself” memes started to appear. In August 2019 a DDOS attack took down 8kun and Qanon. The next 6 month would become probably the biggest cyber battles took place, involving some of the most complex and expensive DDOS attacks ever. The original launch for date the new forum for Qanon was set for October 17, because of these advance attacks, they website didn’t launch till November 2. Qanon is still up and running.

Don’t worry there is still more cool stuff to come.