The Time the Internet Broke Reality

Everyone remember the Berenstein Bears?  Remember how about a couple year ago apparently reality switched a flip on us and now it is spelled ‘Berenstain Bears?  Remember how everyone said no fucking way it was Berenstein!  But then when they looked at their old children’s books or went to the library, they all said ‘Berenstain’? And everyone was shocked and confused, some even expressed fear…  people wrote blogs about it; massive threads were made reddit and on forums. Everyone was sure they remembered it spelled ‘Berenstein’ but everywhere they looked all the actual old physical copies of the books somehow were spelled Berenstain.  The authors even came out and said ‘nope our name is spelt Berenstain and we named the bears after ourselves and our grandparents immigration paperwork is even spelled Berenstain’.

Well… Here you go:

Check out the link and let your mind become full of wonder.  This reality bending shit is real.

What’s the end game of something like this though? Just a simple test? Or are they rewriting everything every day? Are we just noticing the small bits? Through academic branches and powerful people this can easily go a lot further. Will the history books in the schools will never tell a story of any free country a hundred years from now? Will your mind be scanned, and you will be placed in prison for inappropriate thinking? And will all of it will fall under the banner of which ever charismatic despot you fall under? Children will never know there was a better time, in the pass, as they gaze into the world of reality tv, if someone employs this. We need more of this I’m willing to bet this goes a lot further. I imagine endings of films authors names a lot of things have been changed. What we need is access to an old untouched library of films and books; things that could have provocative notions. I bet a good bit of this stuff has changed in the Las fifty years.

Some people feel like this was intentionally hyped. Maybe some anons thought it was funny to joke about it, maybe it was shills, maybe it was outright shitposting. It might be a simple misunderstanding. Everyone knows ‘-stein’ names, they’re associated with a lot families. And so, if you see ‘-stain”, your brain is just as likely to overlook the difference. Mental shortcuts. Anyway, even if this was legit, this isn’t the case of the internet breaking reality. It’d be a case of the internet realizing reality had been broken.

Yes.  The fact that it was after all that ‘pole shift/age of Aquarius’ stuff is peculiar though and those may have been the cause. I’ve decided that in addition to us trying to figure out how this works here I’m going run an experiment.  I am going to set upon a goal and work on my mindset so that when ever at all possible I am thinking ‘this is happening this is the truth’ until I believe it on a subconscious level.  And if that works then I guess this shit is real.  I have neighbors that really fucking sick, general low lives always fighting at all hours of the night

This is known as the Mandela effect

It gives me a little solace to think that we’re trapped in a different dimension and somewhere in this multi verse there’s a plane of existence in a much better state and we must remember it in order to be a part of it once again.

This is spooky.  I totally remember it as Berenstein Beers.  Lookup Mandela effect, it’s similar.  I remember growing up hearing that Nelson Mandela died in prison.  Then wtf was there a huge deal in like 2013 of his death, he should have already been dead.  I have another memory of a Thanksgiving dinner in 2004 with my family.  A dessert called Vienetta was served.  I remember that it looked like, tasted like, chair I sat in.  Years later, I was asked what I wanted for dessert for Xmas dinner, I said that, my family has no recolation of ever having that.  They think I’m crazy.

Also, go on Ebay and look for Berenstein bears.  There are aucitions for the books, but the sellers list them as “Berenstein” but the pictures of the books is “Berenstain”.  I’d post picture, but you could argue it’s shopped, so look yourself.  My theory is the people posting the auction believe it’s Berenstein. I went to a BBQ today after reading this post, thinking my noodle was cooked.  I asked the hostess, without pronouncing the name.  She said “Berenstein”.  I later asked a middle school teacher what the name of the series of books was, she said “Berenstein”. Researching this phenomenon, there are other tidbits of history that aren’t right:  the famous guy in China who stood up to the tank in Tianaman square, what do you think happened to him?  Then go look it up.