General Warnings and Community Outreach

We need to keep a lid on this.

We do know that a combination of spam, and the fact that everyone was memeing the exact same thing and thus implanting their own repeated desire/intent into the meme helped it become alive like a virus. We need to take this slow and not act on anything yet. This is a time of discovery and restraint. We need to shitpost organically as we have and wait for another one of our memes to pop up for analyzing. Eventually we can create one out of nothing with the purpose of some effect in real life rather than an accident. Discourage anyone from taking this too fast, but rather encourage restraint and patience in this great power. Let’s stop making threads about this stuff on compromised pages and lessen its exposure until we have a greater understanding. I feel we’ll get to a point where we understand it enough that it doesn’t matter who knows about it.

If you have any other things that you guys think need to be heard before this gets any bigger, now is the time to discuss it. I personally feel our next step is to observe and carry on business as usual until this happens again and we can gather clues. Once we have these clues, we should use them on an already memes, then watch them like in a laboratory.