False Flagging Enemy Memes

So, the ability for memes to be forced is not an agreed upon thing, and even if they can be forced, it’s still an incredibly complicated process.  However, killing a potential meme is done unwittingly all the time. A not-yet-established potential meme can be ruined by “forcing.” Could we leverage the fragility of memes in their larval state to neutralize objectionable potential ? Could this backfire via Streisand effect? Or take the fledgling Meme and give it distasteful text.  Text it up really good.

There is a way I think we can neutralize harmful thoughtforms

– Draw them poorly and make them stupid and unfunny, though this could backfire as stupid and unfunny seems to be no barrier to memeception.

– We create a meme hunter, a memetic hassling squad, that goes after false memes.

You ignore them. Tumblr and reddit tried forcing memes for half a decade and they’ve gone nowhere. Example are those stupid black and white traces of faces with some stupid phrase on them. They were cancer and they died at their infancy.