Collective Subconscious

You can’t force memes.

Forced memes seem awkward right? Somehow, we just know when a meme is out of place or not, for lack of a better word, “dank”. My theory is this. All memes are manifestations of things that exist in our collective subconscious. When a meme is born, some part of this unconscious is stumbled on, thus triggering an emotional response and contributing to its spread. Large memes can accumulate more information as they move through this space until their size causes them to split into sub memes or implode, rendering them dead. Occasionally a large meme can influence other parts of the collective unconscious, leading individuals to unconsciously act out the meme and thereby bring it to life. Because the collective subconscious is not tied to space or time, but rather is pure information. Memes can have effects across time, even in the past. The way in which one truly creates a meme is not to create one at all.

Similar to the Taoist concept of Wu Wei, in order to create a meme, you must not attempt to create a meme or you will fail. The memes must flow through you. All of mankind’s gods can be seen as ancient memes. Through their worship they were given power as people meditated on and subjected themselves to the memes. Therefore, faith and ritual were so important to the gods, they could perform miracles if their followers had faith. They could make memes real. Odin/Woden still exists in our unconscious. In fact, his attributes predate his worship as Odin. There have been many spear wielding gods, wind gods, wise gods, and gods which sacrificed themselves only to live again. Odin arose out of these other memes as a separate god meme.

It’s no simpler or more complex than this singular idea. Chan culture has always been about finding the nuggets, and this is a proper nugget. What happens now is we dissociate the rest of what you said from our thought process because you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. The rest is spiced-up stoner-level reasoning, and the truth is that the reason memes “manifest” isn’t unconscious at all; we call out comedy memes because it’s funny and because we like to laugh.

You see, Memes do not come from the soul. They do not come from the collective unconscious. They do not come from trying hard, or its opposite; trying hard to not be such a nose to the grindstone type of guy, but they simply happen as a part of life. Life is a joke, and we react accordingly. That is all the power memes ever needed. Stop taking this so seriously OP, or you’ll kill the mood.

The overall energy expended and think group behind it are the only impressive things about memes. If it weren’t for these things forcing them there is no meme while there still will be a meme. The meme is only an expenditure of energy and as one holds the power of the energy that’s put into it. I like your thoughts but your fucking over thinking this.

I forgot to add that a group’s susceptibility to a meme is one of the most important factors to the success of a meme’s propagation. Because of desperation of individuals on the site 4chan to create memes when the concept of “meme” was starting to becoming widespread in the collective consciousness of the Internet, there was so much forced memeing that many people weren’t aware of it, it was quite jarring. Once they were of this forced memeing, they were now a part of a group that provided them exclusive knowledge and awareness to be susceptible to this new meme. Some started to spread ideas about this concept of memes being forced to one another and because the jarring. Forced memeing increased other individuals’ susceptibility to the meme. Then hopefully, they were able to relate to this concept and enthusiastically embraced it. Once the collective consciousness surrounding forced memes began to expand, meta discussions surrounding forced memes arose and increased rapidly, these discussions foster loose connections between people. The natural altruism of the group loosely connected by the awareness “forced meme” concept led to humor surrounding this concept too, resulting in memes like the “Milhouse is a meme” meme and the “Seaking” meme.

It is worth noting that, with enough shilling any forced meme will soon become a meme because enough people will become aware of it consciously to discuss it and spread it, not necessarily in the way that the meme creator/s intended however.

Synthesis: Memes are the Silhouettes of Platonic Forms, conforming to them most closely among the shades – these “skillful means” delineate them like a faithful portrait. Forced memes cannot access them and are ineffective/distorted to the extent they can, poorly modeling the Source.

The efficacy of a weaponized meme lies in the ‘repressed Other’ it manifests within the target.  

Silhouettes of Platonic Forms, Skillful Memes disclose and unveil the Truth hidden under the weight of mendacity and social taboo. A Skillful Meme embodies the Truth; is its vessel to others, the place where it resides and can remain visible, unobstructed. The efficacy of a meme is tied to its innate Truth, readily seen by all who receive it within their own themselves. Forced Memes and the worldviews they are born from, and point to the False, the Inexistent, the Evil. They are signs without signified. They withhold rather than disclose, misdirect rather than show. When Scott Adams or Nicolas Taleb speak of “word-thinking”, or the distinction between responding to what is said rather than meant, Forced Memes are present. The Forced Meme takes form in a Tautological Sign: Virtue Signaling. There is no necessary relation to anything beyond itself, a tale told by an idiot – to other idiots – signifying nothing. All that is Signified is its creator’s Pride – as distinct from the Anonymity of Meme Creation, and Distribution. The Un-Forced Meme is any that may share a sense for its innate value. Forced Memes are for their Creator’s in-group to impose outwardly, limiting their spread. The Forms Memes Silhouette can be accessed by anyone and are potentially in open sight to anyone; when they are Forced, their range is limited to a network of mutual delusion, and shared perversity. In this, there is a divide: Enlightenment, and Deception. The propensity of Memesters toward the Good is by design and of necessity, as is their opponent’s perfidy: they follow the archetypes of Prometheus and Satan. The Red Pill we offer is not the Apple, but the Sacrament, and the Light.