Elon Musk IRL Memes

Back in November Elon Musk unveiled the new Tesla cyber truck. Little did the audience know he was also going to unveil a new meme. Showing off this high-tech truck, which looks pretty odd, not going to lie, he talked about how tuff it was. He mentioned how it was made from stainless steel and how safe it was. He also mentioned how the windows were bullet proof. Going so far as to take a sledgehammer to the window. The window broke and he just kept hitting away.

He said it was an accident, but then again, he did keep on hitting. What Elon did do that was successful was get everyone talking about it. This, as crazy as it may sound, was one of the best marketing stunts arounds. Everyone started talking about this new truck. Now a few month later everyone knows that Tesla is working on a hightech truck.