Need Integration into Mainstream Social Media.

A while  ago on Twitter I had to do a doubletake on one really redpilled account that had 56,000 something followers… then I realized why:

The username was something mean and crude. See, under the guise of humor people eat this shit up Every normie loves “le edgy offensive accounts” so let’s give it to them. Eventually they’ll grow into this kind of humor and try to emulate it.

I think a subtle redpill account along the lines would work best. On the surface make it seem to be a more socially oriented account but use the “truth” of unintentional politics to coat the redpill and create a delivery system for the harder to accept realities.

This is the kind of stuff we need more of. Look at all the normies liking the bizarre stuff Trump says. It shows that the right were regular people with families and friends. We need some video editing people do put together some lighthearted and funny politics videos. Maybe gifs of him with Trump and his wife, etc. Don’t make it disgraceful to the norm is or make it look bad though. Don’t propagate that “short tempered bigot” crap we see in all the Hollywood movies, video games, etc.