Cuck shaming

Amateurs at propaganda use logical arguments backed up by facts, statistic, data. Intellectuals write long essays and publish books that no one reads. Propaganda pros are paid six figures for one-liners and short jingles because that’s what works. Calling people cucks is like pointing out that the emperor has no clothes… and people REMEMBER it. No one remembers the long essay or quote by an intellectual about the errors of miscegenation. Cuck shaming makes people talk about and defend their family and loyalty ideas. It removes all doubt that they are indeed in an unhealthy relationship.

Amateurs use local arguments. The big players are the ones who take those long essays and push them into a narrative. They take the people who write those books and push them into the public eye. No one has to read any of it, they just have to be told that what they’re hearing has been researched.

We can manipulate the meme to do certain things. #cuckservative is currently dealing the deathblow to the kept opposition. I’ve been thinking about the meme “cuckspiracy theorist” because of this. A term targeting the sort of people that go on meme and forum site to read about hard ANTIFA tactics but get butthurt when they see something pro-Trump being talked about. Always a few butthurt libs espousing “we mustn’t let the shadow elite divide us! but we should go along with immigration + force assimilation of all develop countries!!”cuckspiracy theorist might be a good meme to label them.

The cucks like to pass themselves off as intellectuals and respectable centrists. The fact that people are starting to call out these traitors and collaborators is making them mad.