You can’t always effectively force/manufacture memes, They’re organic.

You need to learn how to create memes that amenable to spreading. You do that by creating a lot of them and paying attention to what works.

The memes are already there, the information just needs to be put in the right place, and in the right content. Things like Swedish rape stats, and leftist double think need only be brought to the light. The truth just needs to be made palatable. We’re not trying to raise Millhouse. Memes in the traditional sense must be organic, but the internet provide the fuel for what memes are created by what information is spread and the agenda that is set. And perhaps, with effort, we can unlock the underlying principle of meme dankness

You can force a meme locally (in whatever community you are a part of)  But for it to spread enough to gain power we must first consult the hivemind to answer this question: How to manufacture a meme which causes a specific thought, and is dank enough to grow it’s own wings and fly into the public’s consciousness. So you need to decide what idea/knowledge is being conjured, and what is the best imagery/phrasing to bring about exactly that outcome, and then how do we convert this into a meme.  Also you need to decide it’s path.  You can’t fire blindly and aim for a meme that will be repeated by all groups it has to be something like ‘the primary path of travel for this meme will be vidya forums and circles’  Or ‘this meme will proliferate best among social justice warrior chats’

Putting statistics on a meme could be affective…  But then again that isn’t what we are trying to do here.  Not all people are trying to make memes that will enlighten some people and wake a few up… Some people are trying to create something that somehow metaphysically forces them to open their eyes and snap out from under the spell the elites have cast on them.

By analyzing the group in question, we can identify what will appeal to them. For instance, you can turn the Marxists on Turkey by showing Armenian apartheid. “Armenian Genocide” becomes the meme and it incorporates readily into their belief structure. By degrees I imagine you can change whole social mindsets.

You simply need to make people willing to force them. The way libs spread is when libs blurt them out in a situation where it isn’t welcome. Without context and humor or some other appeal the meme will fall short, so to be successful you need to implant properties into any manufactured meme that makes it more spreadable. This can be done by taking elements from previous propaganda tatics that have worked, similar to genetic engineering.

Practical politics is all about forcing ideas.

-Was “Diversity is our strength” organic or forced?

-Was “We all bleed red” organic or forced?

-Was “Climate Change” organic or forced? It only takes a handful of neo-cons on tv to push these into the population and meme themselves into power

We need to ride momentum. We don’t have huge tv opportunities like media. TV is dead though. So are newspapers and radio. The internet killed them and we need to own the net.

In the old days of 4chan there was a saying “you can’t force a meme”. But its bullshit, you can totally force a meme, but it must go through a process. Hatred, irony, normalcy. At first everyone will hate the meme and feel like you are forcing it, you are. Then trolls will see the meme and start posting it ironically, or to troll. Then eventually people will accept it as part of normal board culture. You just must be determinded enough to keep spamming it every day.

A meme starts with the simple introduction of a specific idea to the head of an individual. The idea must be special – it must be unique and not been known to the individual while subconsciousness pandering to the other memes that are spinning around the head of the individual. These pre-existing memes, or original memes, in the head of the individual can be compared to valves for the memes that block the entrance of the meme into the human psyche. There are specific valves that let in more of the meme into the head- these can all be attributed by specific characteristics of people that traces to the root of their personality- their core sense of self. For example, a very stereotypical sjw will have a valve that has something to do with neglect combined with another valve with justice. When a meme that satisfies both valves gets into contact with that person, it is let in and begins to manifest itself. I assume at this stage we can call it the ‘initiation’ and the meme doesn’t hold a lot of power, but if repetition is used – something similar to the spaced repetition process which education is set up to be, the meme turns into an pseudo- original meme and begins to manifest its power. Original memes are the ones that follow the definition of a meme, a self-generating idea.

Most of the so called ‘memes’ on the internet are not real memes. They are mere ways of fulfilling the human need to communicate, to share, to conform. The question is how much power do they really hold? I assume people tend to gather around people with similar original memes as a sense of security. This may be the reason as to how the power of memes can be harnessed. The internet has allowed for people of differing original memes to come into contact with each other. In the old world before this information age, original memes were isolated. We can identify them as cultures and societies, the ways of life that humans have passed down through the teachings of the old to the young. However, individuals that have not had any guidance in their lives are blank spaces programmed with memes from the media that they consume.

Original memes are ideas grabbed by the masses, as hard as possible, and its very certain that these are the ones that follow them into their lives and will never ever shake. However, what happens when these original memes don’t exist? When neglect happens and they are never injected into the mind? The masses grow to be influenced by whatever they had been given as entertainment and are easily influenced by the memes of the internet as they cannot differentiate between a reputable source and that of a false source.

Certain agendas are fairly easily pushed- integrate into the culture of whatever forum you wish to. Post a meme that satisfies the valves of the user base and it will propagate quickly. Small groups can call these insider signs, secret messages to identify themselves and a way to fulfill their valve of existence or acceptance in a group, or the valve to feel special. Larger groups have memes that make them feel a part of something- these memes if forced need to be constantly posted to create an image of that it is held by the majority of the forum dwellers. This can happen on the internet or in real life as show with the rise of Nazi Germany or Communist Russia where a fairly small portion of the population pushed the nation into a different direction. The internet magnifies how much influence individuals have as the majority of forum visitors are not ones to post, but to follow what their valve of obedience says to and obey. This is the true power of the internet.

This is a very clear indication seeing as how the flow of memes tend to propagate from the chatrooms into the higher dominions of the internet as facebook, twitter, buzzfeed have shown. It goes from less normal to more normal and then the a special valve kicks in and then the masses share the meme. The normals then also drop this meme after a while because it has not turned into an old meme. This is where the interesting part kicks in. The majority have a new idea in their head that will hard to change.

However, there are ways to fool the valve. Remember how different valves have different strengths? If one meme satisfies a very strong valve and disagrees with a weaker one, whether partially or fully, it has the possibility of becoming a pseudo-meme. This is where the majority of meme research should be going into, identifying and stereotyping the people of the forums and identifying the valves through various posts that test the limit of the valves. Go from highly radical to weaker and see how and where the limit of the valves end. Then a specific meme, with a specific intent, can be created which has the possibility of spreading quickly.

What’s the most common format of the internet memes? Images in which the composition is very, very simple- a simple head shot, circular square shapes, etc. and where the image is not focused on the artistic merit but the information that it conveys. However, some sort of aesthetic sense must be there. For word memes it is very difficult as to see how they work as I am no master of the such, and perhaps someone more skillful in the art of the language can build on it.

I also think that if you have enough people spouting different and yet similar enough memes, then your meme will be effective. That’s why it’s important for everyone to be on the same page. And that’s also why I’m in the organic camp because I think that you don’t just simply tell a large group of people to be on the same page. It just happens.