Intro to Meme Warfare

The purpose of meme warfare, is to weaponize truth and, thereby, to take the fight to the enemy, with out leavening the comfort of our own computers. You can be poor, You can be weak, and you can have few in number – but this does not matter. There is power in truth. It is not the gun, or the soldier, or the general, the president, or money that decides the course of events – it is the directing cause. The idea that lies at the root of action and gives it purpose

Now as never before we have the ability to reach out, learn, and spread the truth as we know it to be – not as it is presented by the moneyed few. We are presented with a state of affairs unique to history, an age of ideological memetic warfare, in which the controlling principles of mankind are loosed to spread with no physical barriers.

All of the weapons of an enemy may not be at your disposal, but in a righteous fight, you have the advantage – truth, which is anathema to the enemy; this we have and this we can use. We need not invent twisted new worlds to fit lies. We need only make what is necessary and evident palatable and polished

With only our wits and the reach of our computers we can and can change the world. Strike down the memes that direct degeneracy and you will strike down degeneracy itself. I do not overemphasize the importance of the role you may yet play when I say that the future is in our hands if you fight for Truth, fight for Virtue, fight for Beauty!